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*Automatic payments over 5 dogecoin.
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Blood Donation Coin

Meet the Brazilian Coin, Minerable and Safe. Encouraging the donation of blood in Brazil and in the world!

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The best, fastest and safest dogecoin miner gives web!

Our miner works in parallel with Monero, and we do the instantaneous withdrawals as soon as you get the value of 5 or more dogecoin.

This miner has been developed with a lot of affection, for people who are starting in the world of cryptocurrency, so enjoy and win your first dogecoin or increase your wallet!

Steps to use


If you do not have a DOGECOIN wallet, please go to and create your wallet for free!


Copy the address of your wallet in the field above "Your wallet Dogecoin" and then click the "Miner NOW" button.


And it's done! You'll already be mining, congratulations! Now, you just have to wait to complete the 5 dogecoin to instantly receive your coins in your wallet.

PS: Many adblockers and even some antiviruses block any mining scripts because they have been misused by many websites. To mine Nano here, you have to unblock the miner.


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